A Local Context for ‘China’s Great Uprooting’

MLB Rivalry Week
  • visualizing the 250 million people China plans to relocate into cities.
  • inspired by the NY Times’ thought-provoking feature: China‚Äôs Great Uprooting: Moving 250 Million Into Cities
  • MLB Prime Rivals Week

    MLB Rivalry Week
  • mapping and recapping the ‘rivalries’ in the MLB.
  • Current MLB Standings

    Current MLB Standings
  • a quick look at the current MLB standings, based on widgets from
  • 2013 NFL Free Agency

    2013 NFL Free Agency

    Cot’s Contract Viewer

    Cot's Contract Viewer
  • a visual representation of the Cot’s Baseball Contracts data
  • corresponding blog post
  • Tier Chart

    Tier Chart